Carving An Apex Predator Sabertooth tiger

Carving an animal like this was a big challenge and i early on decided to have the teeth and tongue separate from the rest and also in a different type of wood. Will this be the video that takes me to 100k subscribers? I am not sure, but if it is not i will keep trying untill i get there! 🙂 Thank you all for the support! I have had days during this project where my motivation was running low, but many times when i felt this a single comment or message has turned the tide around. It is unbelievable how many great peeple there are out there. I also plan to make an investment in some camera equipment and a better microphone. I feel like the iphone 6 i am using is doing a pretty good job, but it does tend to over expose the scene with light at times. Shop: instagram: Info: Wood: Birch Burl and regular birch Stain: Chestnut spirit stain Oil: Danish Oil Tools: – Dremel: Dremel 4300 – Bandsaw: Record Power BS350 Bandsaw – Merlin2 Grinder (The red mini grinder) Film equiplment: – Camera: Iphone 6 Editing program: – Filmora Wondershare

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