Durlock TV Rack with dichroic LED wall lights – Time Lapses –

Look how I get with the crystals! https://youtu.be/oFf1PEA0APw

Working time: Approximately 2 hours a day for 15 days. But if I really dedicated myself to this capable in 4 or 5 days I would be, respecting the drying times of putty and paint hands. The finest details, the finishes are the ones that take the longest, for example the sanding or polishing of the lines of the putty is to taste and detail of each one (I think it was the most laborious).

Materials used: 14 upright profiles, 6 sill profiles, 20 edge cap profiles, 3 Durlock plates, 14 kilos of gypsum plaster mastic .. 1 liter and a half of satin water paint and 6m2 of ceramic. Usually the paper tape is used for the corners .. But it was not necessary .. 6 sandpaper, screws t2 and t1, if I remember something else I keep responding.
The real reason for the video, is simply to try to do, as the name indicates a “time lapses” of how I change an inert wall where only the TV hung on the wall to a modest piece of furniture a little more functional. And a more personal benefit, is that sometimes the will to do something to change things gives you great satisfaction to see the achievements

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