Making of wooden roof structure

After a few videos without a robot, it’s time for one with it ­čÖé This roof structure was done for a long year customer who patiently waited for us for quite some time until we finished the airport project. The house with the glulam roof structure was designed by Kre┼íimir Romi─ç and Filip Romi─ç from SKUP-A architecture studio . Glulam beams were ordered from Austria and cut to measure in our shop. I used Kuka kr150 robots with 6 axis for milling ends of the beams to correct geometry. some parts were milled using the hand router. All visible elements were painted with white water based coat from Sikkens. Other wooden elements were dipped into green anti pest, fungicidal solution. On the top of assembled glulam structure are the layers as follows. 2cm spruce plywood plates, tar hydro insulation, 12 cm 50kg polyurethane thermal insulation foam in between alternating direction planks (outsourced), 5 cm air flow space, 18mm usb, roofing foil. Final roof cover will be in sheet metal which will be done by another company. I really enjoyed working on this unique project and hope you like it too! I will post pictures of finished roof on my instagram so make sure to follow ­čśÇ Don’t forget to subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video! SKUP-A architecture studio instagram: SKUP-A architecture studio website: My instagram:… My facebook: Music: Non Piu Andrai – Ron Meixell

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